It’s not just about the cardio?

21 Nov
My Swollen Knee

My Swollen Knee (Photo credit: Bekathwia)

So the knee problems continue, lots of swelling, painful most of the time now and 3 weeks until my hospital appointment. Yes it is frustrating however it is making me look at what keeping active now means to me and how I move forwards?

  • It’s vital to how my head feels. This for me is of course a big thing, the girl who really couldn’t ever see the point in doing any exercise now needs it.
  • Keeping active doesn’t mean going to the gym, it means not sitting on my bum for hours on end, I get up often now (it stops my knee from getting too stiff anyway), wander around a bit, talk to people rather than just emailing them (I can be so retro!). I also fidget! I make a list of jobs that need doing in the evening and make sure I do them, rather than making for the sofa!
  • I can adapt – my personal trainer is now working up new programmes for me that don’t involve my legs. After a session on the static bike last weekend, its now apparent that my knee doesn’t even like that so my last bit of kit for cardio/warming up has gone. It’s made me feel very frustrated and worried that I’ll lose control of my weight without being able to do it. So the lovely Kelly is working out what I can do and we’ll re-focus the effort to my back, arms, shoulders and core – I will look wicked from the waist up!
  • It’s not just about the cardio – there is a panic when you can’t do what we all think is calorie burning activity. For me the main thing that has changed my body shape over the last year or so has been the weights and resistance work, as you’ll know for me its always been about the tape measure not just the scales.
  • Smiling – I need to work on this, focusing on the positive what I ‘can’ do – not what I ‘can’t’?
  • I’ve been there before!  I have already got through one lot of major knee surgery and it didn’t result in me getting back to the old me!  I need a little more faith that it won’t happen this time either?

Disclaimer: those are not my knees!


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