An update on the knee thing, music & boredom

27 Feb

I know I’ve been absent for a while – I have though still been in the gym, however the knee injury has put pay to my walking – this has been very hard, I use walking to deal with stress. I walk without music, just taking in the fresh air and my thoughts.

The only thing I can do at the moment is cycle – in the gym, now it’s not exactly silent there, it is very necessary to block out the standard radio noise. I’ve been experimenting, part of me thought this was a good opportunity to work my way through my (very eclectic) music collection.  Sadly this has not been successful, the dreams of sunshine music making my time in the saddle more enjoyable didn’t happen, it turns out that there is only one album that keeps me pushing myself and its far from relaxing – yes it’s Guns ‘n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction.  I didn’t see this coming, however it keeps me pedalling, quite fast so no bad thing I guess…

I also tried going back in the pool, however thanks to my knee I can’t do breast stroke, so being a non-crawl swimmer my only option is using a kick board to stop my legs going back to frog action. Oh my goodness it was so boring, now I’m all for exercise but when I got out of the pool frustrated and a little bit cross it isn’t really doing what I need it to so I’ve shelved that activity for the time being!

So I’m in the gym, working out with weights, kettlebells (no classes – too much I can’t do), pilates (luckily my class is predominantly over 40s so we have all injuries of some sort!) and on the bike. I’m lifting more now than I’ve ever done before and with more confidence – I have a great gym with lots of kit so I’m not getting bored.

It won’t be for ever, I’m now on the surgery list with a diagnosis of a torn cartilage and some issues with my knee cap which can’t be formally diagnosed until the surgeon has a look inside.  The plan is to make sure I’m fit going into surgery just like last time so I’m back pounding the pavements hopefully by the summer – I have a charity walk to do for the hospice that cared for my dad – it’s very important!

So I’m learning to focus on what I can do – not what I can’t.


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