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Boosting your Confidence

27 Sep

I picked up a really useful article this morning, I’ve learnt how much exercise can boost your self-confidence and make you feel pretty darn good about yourself over the last couple of years.  I’ve also met lots of people who have also found the same thing.

Take a look:



7 Sep

I wrote an article for another blogging site, I’m really pleased with the feedback.  It’s the first time I’ve been externally published so it means a lot!

Body image

23 Aug

This is such an important part of losing weight and keeping it off. I do despair though when I see daytime telly (it happened accidentally this morning!), there was an article about jeans, every single pair was shown on a model who was a size 10 or smaller, when I think of who is watching this programme it makes me really sad.

Real women aren’t in the norm a size 10,  there are numerous women watching who have had children, their bodies won’t look the same post baby than before, that’s biology. Yet we are still shown the ‘unreal’ image of what women should look like and you’re made to feel that this is what you should look like and that even your fit, healthy size 14 body is not acceptable?

I’ve never been about losing loads of weight and trying to fit within that ‘image’, I was more about getting to a healthy weight, I’m not planning to lose any more now for various reasons, but I am fit and healthy now. My fear of course is that women and importantly girls are subjected to this type of programming and then start out on a cycle of the most unhealthy forms of dieting and suffer with a poor (and distorted) body image for life.

Why can’t these programmes use models who do look like real women, there was a conversation instigated by the older presenter about how jeans are now cut too low so most women’s tummies end up with the ‘muffin top’ effect, when this was brought up the camera zoomed in on the very skinny model, it was so obvious she’s never seen a muffin and the young, skinny co-presenter changed the subject!   I’m sure the audience would have been much more appreciative if they had actually seen a glimpse of just a little wobbly bit! Even better for the retailers if the emphasis had been on finding the perfect pair of jeans that helped with your wobbly bits and made you look fabulous!  I despair of the women who will now go and try on some of the pairs featured and be bitterly disappointed when they see what they look like in them, won’t help with sales that’s for certain.

And do you know what was even sadder was this article was followed up by an interview with Chantelle Houghton who now can’t have children due to the effects of her past eating disorders and extreme crash diets.

Something is very wrong with how producers put these programmes together?  Great work This Morning – not!

Facebook page…

20 Aug

While I work out how to include a link to my new Facebook page,  here’s the link, ‘like’ it to get my updates!

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