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I am often asked how I lost the weight and got fit, my answer is that is was actually quite simple, not easy but it was about a lot of commonsense and focus. So I like this article and it’s 20 simple ways to lose weight. I use most of them.

I’ve also been watching the C4 programme ‘Will my Crash Diet Kill Me’, some of it makes me cross but the doctor speaks a lot of sense about taking a sensible approach to dieting, if crash dieting works to get you off the starting blocks and you can then use it as motivation to continue weight loss/getting fit then that is ok. In some respects I was kicked off by a ‘crash approach’, it did shrink my stomach and teach my brain to recognise full/empty in a better way. However what I am most interested in is seeing all the participants 6 months on to see if they did continue to shrink or did they go back to the yo-yo approach to diet, which as the programme has shown is pointless?

That to me is still the most important thing, I still get more satisfaction as time goes on and the weight stays off, and now also by not being on a diet.

It is still a word I don’t think is helpful or motivational, as it implies deprivation & negativity which weight loss does not necessarily have to involve.

So have a look and if you’re still trying to shrink and get fit, keep at it, it really is worth it; however you won’t know unless you get there – in the meantime, take my word for it :-)

One Show Experiments

I don’t normally watch the One Show on BBC1 and I must admit find some of it just bizarre but this week they are running a series of articles about fitness, if you get a mo check them out on the iplayer (you can always fast forward through the rest of the show!)

Firstly an experiment that short burst of very intense exercise is more beneficial than longer periods of activity. This was very interesting, however bear in mind it only seems to work if you start when you are reasonably fit already. You still need to put in the hours if you’re not. One thing that I have also been thinking about is being constantly active, I am not doing as much intense exercise at the moment however I am now ‘active’  – the key thing to remember is that all activity is beneficial, you just need to move, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make that gym session if you’ve been on the go all day, it ALL counts!

Secondly is something I have thought about a lot – posture. The people involved in this experiment lost inches from their waists, increased their height and dispensed with numerous aches and pains through adjusting their posture through some very simple exercises. This is something we paid particular attention to during pilates, it really does work, before I started I had lost half an inch in height due to my spine curving at the top, I now have that little measurement back!


This is an American site for women I picked up via Twitter, I like the tips though, they pretty much mirror what I believe in and found useful and they are applicable for men too!

In respect to number 4, I like to exercise in the mornings but I also find swimming or the gym late in the evening once everything has been done very beneficial and I go to bed happy and relaxed, the exercise has often helped to dispel the stress of the day. With number 6 if you can’t go with anyone (I actually want to be on my own most of the time, with my music, thoughts and goals and tend then to work harder, bear in mind you need to go with the right people or it ends up too ‘social’), make sure you tell people what you’re doing and take the encouragement. Oh and take the compliments, if someone tells you how well you are doing or looking good – it’s very important and something I didn’t do for a long time until someone made me think about it!

Longer maceration at high temperature can brin...Image via Wikipedia


It’s not something I have ever done a lot of, well maybe the night of the Baileys glass tower, or my 21st …… but in the main I have never drunk that much but I know a lot of people who have that ‘evening’ drink,  no-one bothers to measure at home so you can almost guarantee it’s much larger than a pub drink. If you’re looking to be healthy and reducing your intake, beware of this, the calories in drink are pretty high, it also affects your metabolism so how you absorb other calories so beware. It’s also worth thinking about how many units you do drink over a week in this way, some friends of mine did and were quite amazed at the results and did make them think about why they were drinking full stop?

My tip here is to have ‘good’ drink in the house, if its expensive it feels like more of a treat…….and you are less likely to pour out one every night. Being a gin snob has its advantages!


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