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Speeding it up

19 Aug

I’ve been doing some reading this morning about different diet plans and supplements like Adios.

A lot of them talk about their ability to kick-start your weight loss, all well and good but what are you going to do once you’ve finished them?

Someone said to me that a particular diet plan had worked for them, by that they meant that they had lost weight while on it, however I pointed out that they had now put back on (and more) all the weight so my view was that it hadn’t worked?

There are of course people who use them, lose the weight and get so motivated at that stage that they can carry on losing and sustaining but my experience is that they are not the norm.

The norm is to revert to same, the diet ends and it’s back to the ‘normal’ eating behaviour.

So why do the diet at all, take a different approach, remember those questions I asked you about your experience with diets, well if you’ve been on more than two and always put the weight back on then it really doesn’t matter which ‘diet’ you choose, chances are it won’t work for you.

So let’s try something very simple. When you serve up tonight’s dinner, put your normal amount on the plate.  Now take 25% back off the plate and rearrange it so it looks like it fills the plate or transfer it to a smaller plate so it looks more.  An instant reduction in calories of 25%.

And tell me when you’ve eaten it, did you really notice it was that much smaller?

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