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Asking for Help

22 Aug

I’m currently doing a life coaching e-course, I’m in the final week of a 4 week programme.  My aim 3 weeks ago was to look at one aspect of my life that I felt I was really struggling with.

It’s turned out to have helped more than I can imagine in so many ways, some things I didn’t even know I needed to look at!

I didn’t ask for help for a very long time, I was the helper, the nurturer in my life, I was the one who people came to when they needed help, I felt if I admitted I needed help, it showed I was weak, out of control and failing. Or that those who came to me for help or relied on me would stop doing so because I was perceived not to be strong and reliable.

How very wrong I was. By asking for help I am now growing stronger by the day, to ask for the help needs a certain strength and what you then gain can be amazing, at least that’s my experience.

A little question for you – what role do you play in your life?

Today’s photo was taken last night, on the A4 in Wiltshire looking across Calne from the Cherhill Downs, not as spectacular as some sunsets we had last week but still gorgeous in its own right – I love a good sunset, stirs my soul and lets me know I’m alive!

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