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No Chocolate again, ever.

23 Aug

Does this sound good?  Probably not, it could of course relate to anything, cheese, cake, takeaways, all those foods that are bad for you, that you love and you probably eat too much of .

Most diets will say you can’t have them, your first thought if you want to lose weight will be that because you eat a lot of it, you should stop completely. It is about depriving yourself, and comes back to why diets always seem to feel like a negative experience.

But what happens when you come to the end of your diet, hopefully you’ve lost weight, do you still not eat them, I bet you’ll miss them too much and they could be key to why you fall off the wagon and put the weight back on?  And this may have happened more than once?

If you love food then to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off you need to find a different way. If you aim to cut out those things completely that you really love, it won’t work, you have to take control of them, not the other way around. The aim should be about how they can work for you long-term, there shouldn’t be any difference between what you eat while you are losing weight and what you are going to eat once you have lost it.

So look at what foods really don’t work for you, what makes you hungrier, what can’t you stop eating?  Worth mentioning at this stage, if you only eat the ‘bad’ stuff and don’t eat any fruit and veg, lean meat, fish etc, then you do need to think about that, my way is far easier if you eat in a ‘balanced’ way, it just makes sense? Take a look at my previous post on that subject.

As I started to lose weight I realised that food was in control of me, I used to say something to myself all the time to justify the amount I eat –  ‘if I eat it, it won’t be there for me to eat’, of course I would then just go shopping again, replace it and the cycle would continue.  Remember I had no willpower, I would eat a 6 pack of crisps, a tub of ice cream and even if I cooked for myself, the portions would be far more than I needed (more to come on that subject).  If the food was there I would eat it and this cycle had been in place for 16 years.

I loved bread but what I noticed was that if I eat it at lunchtime, within an hour or so I was hungry again. So now I don’t eat it at all in the week, I do though eat ‘good’ bread at weekends and special occasions, you know the stuff that is fresh out of the oven or comes from the olive stall!  Bread now sits on the ‘treat’ list, especially if I end up spending £3+ on a loaf!  And I actually enjoy it even more now.  My view is that this has been the central element of my weight loss, once I made this change, the weight started to really shift, this entailed listening to my body very carefully, I will talk about that more as it is key.

If it’s chocolate then don’t aim to cut it out completely, just buy less, and keep it in the fridge, it’s harder to eat a lot if it takes more effort, my trick is the smaller bars of Green and Blacks, once you get your head around the fact they make no economic sense!  Word of advice don’t go down the route of buying the treat size bags of chocolate bars, it won’t work, you will end up eating a lot of them, because they are there. Better to actually buy one full size one a week!

Buy smaller amounts of things like cheese, just don’t have lots at home, if you then suddenly crave it, if you have to make a degree of effort, get in the car to go to the shop, there are lots of stages that give you the opportunity to think about what you are doing and most of the time something else will crop up and you won’t bother.

People also ask me about takeaways all the time, there are tricks to enjoying them, order less if you can, order the dishes not in sauces or limit them, and my very simple way of making sure I don’t completely pig out?  I put the lids back on once I’ve dished up what I want, my brain then doesn’t see what is still there, if I’m then full once I’ve eaten what is on my plate, I just scoop everything up and throw it away. And when I throw it away my thought is now, what a waste and the next time I order I reduce the amount even more, just think about it a bit more.

Some people will swear by having to eliminate their key ‘bad’ things entirely which is fine but consider whether you want to never have them again which is what you are really saying, if you don’t want to say goodbye completely then take control of them.  What you eat shouldn’t then change when you move from losing weight to sustaining it. And as you shrink, you get motivated, see how good your new life can be, the control you have gets easier and easier, believe me!  That’s where my willpower comes from.  I hope I’m also beginning to show you that losing and keeping weight off is as much (if not more) about your head as it is about the physical stuff.

So in summary:

  • Look at the foods that are in control of you and take control of them!
  • Buy less and in smaller versions
  • Start listening to your body
  • Eat less of them, don’t eliminate them totally…
  • If your diet isn’t balanced then give that a good think and make some changes

I’ll look at the question of ‘less’ in more detail later…

And the photo, well I bought that tub of Green and Black’s vanilla ice cream in August 2009, as I recall it was to serve after dinner with a friend, we never eat it, I decided to use it to test my resolve, in the past I could quite happily have eaten the whole tub in one evening.  It has one spoonful missing thanks to my sister. It’s become a bit of a symbol. I have eaten other ice cream since (I’ll buy the little tubs now!) but this shows me every time I open the freezer how I now have control.

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